Sunday, February 15, 2009

Air raid sirens and tinkertoys

This is going to be a bad entry.

I just heard that NATO has launched air strikes on Kosovo. One part of me feels this is a necessity -- people are dying under tyrannical leadership! The other part of me feels it is a tragedy -- people will die in the air strikes. It's a sad paradox to grapple with today. I think of all the men, women and children, the fear they must feel to hear bombs going off all around them, wondering which is the lesser of two evils.

So, Al and I decided to stop talking about it because it's so depressing that it makes my head hurt, and he finds it pretty disturbing as well. Then we start talking about whether or not a woman finds a man spending quality time with his kids as sexy. I know I find it sexy to see him playing with his daughter and my neice -- I think it's one of those remnants of evolution to ensure the survival of the species or something. Then I started thinking about children, and I started thinking about the cycle of life, and the people dying in Kosovo. Sometimes I wonder about his life. If we hadn't met online, if we didn't start flirting, if we didn't start dating online, would our paths have ever crossed? Were we destined to be together? Or was it just to lonely souls seeking company for the sake of love?

It's all just so sad.

Al says he wouldn't mind being part of the army to help and do his part for the world. He didn't finish school, he just did an apprenticeship at the age of 15 as he thought this was an easier way to gain qualifications and experience. But I know he wants to do more and expand in his career.